The Hidden Journals


Chief Capilano resized“There cannot be reconciliation if there is still the myth of inequality. This book will help prevent young students from taking on, as if it was the truth, the edited version of history. These are the missing pieces that give back the beauty, the honour, the complexity of the thinking and the high level navigational, trading and cultural skills.” -Brentwood Bay elder,British Columbia

The Hidden Journals – Captain Vancouver and His Mapmaker, received an Honourable Mention at the Whistler Independent Book Awards in October 2016.

Order your copy of Hidden Journals today! Discover the social histories of the late 1700’s British explorers in the Pacific, and a personal story of Lieutenant Joseph Baker – mapmaker on Captain Vancouver’s ship. Read below for a more detailed description of the book or simply select the number of copies you wand and click “add to cart” to order now.

2017 Schedule of presentations

  • January 19th, 6pm – Vancouver Maritime Museum
  • January 28th – Seattle Boat Show Author’s Book – Captain’s Nautical
  • April 7th/8th – North Shore Writers Festival Event – City of North Vancouver City Hall
  • April 13th – Burnaby Business Women’s Association
  • May 17th, 7pm – City of North Vancouver Library

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The Hidden Journals is both a personal and historical journey as Wade Baker & Mary Tasi sought to find the true story of Captain Vancouver.  Through the oral history of elders in Maui and Vancouver, and original source archival research, the two authors have collaborated on a story that will change your thinking about the era of contact. They found that the last 100 years of mainstream historical interpretations of those times in relation to the indigenous people is a myth.  By reading the truth of the history, and by spreading this across the continent, it will encourage other research by families and communities who have oral knowledge of their untold histories. These are the missing pieces that give back the beauty, the honour, the high level navigational skills shared with the early explorers, and the complexity of the thinking at the time.


On October 14, 2015, Mary & Wade donated copies of the books to North and West Vancouver High Schools. A big thank you to the sponsors:  Neptune Bulk Terminals, Port Metro Vancouver, Lonsdale Event Rentals, Ethical Kitchen and Kostas Seafood. Here are a few pictures of the event and the donation:

Wade & Mary also do workshops and presentations about the book and about the historical path. If you are interested, please let use know. You can reach Mary at: 602.202.9551, by email or Facebook.

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