Public Art

NorthStar InstallOur philosophy of Public Art is to bring forward a historical sense of place, a memory of place, in a juxtaposition of ideas that captures the complexity of historical timelines from the ancient past to the present in an abstract concept. We spend a lot of time on research of place at the micro and macro levels – social and emotional contexts – and then create a physical representation from our findings.

Public Art can bring healing on many levels to the community as a result of the collaborations and many informal conversations during the process. By the very nature of the art being “Public” as opposed to “Gallery Art”, the art must be meaningful to all the diverse groups in the community. This is not easily done, and requires insight into the subconscious realms, as well as commitment to bridging communities and connecting ancient landscapes, with modern anxieties and aspirations.

Public Art can deepen the connection to Life, empowering us to build relationships with the world we live in, both the seen and the unseen.

Public Art is also not just about one element, it can also be about urban design, landscape architecture and social issues.

For samples of our completed public art projects, please see our public art portfolio.