2015 Aboriginal Tourism Award
Wade & Mary Baker receiving the National Tourism Award for Artis of the Year at the 2015 Aboriginal Tourism Awards.

I greatly enjoyed the book. Great job of personalizing history and illuminating the great influence an individual’s values and integrity can have on history, even if larger forces work against them…I am inspired by your vision, as I understand it, full of ingredients essential to reconciliation and an equitable future….I agree with the idea that the early history of personal colonial relationships between settlers and First Nations was fundamentally different in Cascadia, compared to other areas of the Americas. This example, despite being subverted by institutional powers, can be framed as inspiration for visions of a better future.

Gordon Clay,
Master Mariner
Vancouver, BC


The Hidden Journals gave me the confidence to teach an area of the curriculum on exploration that was challenging for me. The book brings that time period to life.

Heather Shantz – Teacher
Gibsons, BC


I bought Wade Baker’s beautiful shawl in Delhi, India, in a silk carpet shop. I had a feeling there was a mystery story to the shawl. When I wear the piece, I am transformed; it is as if I am wearing protection, and I enjoy a perfect, modulated temperature. I fold it differently each time I put it away; to me it is a “working piece” of art. I feel like a queen when I am wearing it, and was so delighted to find Canadian work represented in the store.

New York


My friend’s 103 year old grandmother so appreciated the eagle crystal candle holder that she bought some for all her grandchildren in Squamish. She particularly loved how the light came through the crystal and how she could trace the design with her hands as she is almost blind.

Peter, Rose Garden Gardener at Stanley Park


I had the pleasure of working with Wade on several projects including Gateway to Ancient Wisdom, and the story project for the Spirit Trail Benches. In both cases, Wade upheld the highest artistic standards, stayed on time and on budget and remained flexible to the project team needs

Lori Phillips, Public Art Co-ordinator
North Vancouver


From the initial design stages through to completion for the Canada North Star mounted in granite, Wade Baker and Mary Tasi were both very professional, dedicated, and demonstrated great passion for the project. Their style was very collaborative as they interacted with our team. They were willing to respond to our concerns and provide solutions that satisfied all parties which can be very challenging dealing with numerous stakeholders on a tight timeline – Parks Board, Engineering, etc.

John Clelland
Project Coordinator – Olympic Village waterfront project
City of Vancouver


I took some of your custom giftware we ordered to the Conference on Indigenous Peoples in New York, and the gifts have found their way to the Congo, India, New Zealand and Ecuador – spreading the good message about children….

Executive Director
First Nation’s Child and Family Caring Society of Canada


I’d like you to know that your gift is bringing us great joy. During the day, we place the candle holder in a window where the sunlight plays through it. As it sits there, we enjoy the magic of the sun’s reflection through the glass. At night, it sits at the centre of our dining room table. We reflect on the meaning and history of your design, and appreciate the warmth and colour it provides our home….with gratitude for all you are doing to contribute to life..

Dr. Marshall Rosenburg’s Non Violent Communication symposiums


I seldom buy gifts for myself on vacation, but I couldn’t leave that store in Juneau without that beautiful hummingbird bowl.

Cruise ship passenger
Alaska route