The Full Story

Our Vision

We aim to design sustainable and accessible cities that completely celebrate and uplift joy for Indigiqueer, 2SLGBTQIA+ BIPOC and marginalized people. Cities designed for us, by us, rooted in the Indigenous values of these lands, rooted in the ancestral laws of these lands, rooted in land-based community care, so we can all be in right relation with each other.


We work towards carving Indigenous spaces into being, to revive the original biodiversity of these lands, to bring back ancestral ways of life in urban environments. To celebrate MST Indigenous, Two-Spirit, Afro-Indigenous and Indigiqueer people in the built environment.

Capacity Building

Capacity building to bring these futures to life is very important for us. As we build internal capacity to hire more MST + BIPOC people in the work we do we are also supporting and co-creating the Black + Indigenous Design Collective (BIDC) initiative in collaboration with other BIPOC designers to educate and train more BIPOC youth to enter and decolonize the various design fields. Get involved at

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