Wade Baker is a sculptor, graphic designer and red cedar carver. He has been carving and creating art since he was a teenager. As a descendant of ancient Coast Salish, Kwakwaka'wakw, Tlingit and Haida nobility, Wade has inherited a rich artistic legacy. In these traditions, art is not a separate activity but is interwoven in life, language, custom and culture. Art is a means of spiritual expression in which a design or piece of art can encompass an entire story.

Wade creates custom designs, logos, awards, carvings, and art for his clients. 

Bear Transformation Mask
Under Sea King Mask
Wade Baker Painting Eagle
Sun Guardian
Moon Guardian Mask
Tlingit Eagle Sculpture
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Thunderbird Totem
Eagle Bear Totem
Eagle & Raven Gateway
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Sky Spirit Studio offers stunning crystal candleholders with Wade Bakers Story Crest Designs. We sell wholesale and retail. You can find one of our candleholders at one of the store locations outlined in this printable: 


Bohemian crystal vases add an elevated touch to your home, office or awards event. Each vase has traditional Coast Salish or Tlingit designs by Wade Baker and can be custom engraved. 



Sky Spirit Studio specializes in creating custom artworks, awards, branding and logos with Coast Salish designs from Wade Baker for companies, awards ceremonies, galas, private homes, and staff appreciation events. We can engrave any of our crystal giftware items, create custom hand carved & painted artworks, and vinyl prints.

Seaspan Appreciation Paddles
Talking Feathers for Preschoolers
Talking Feather
Seaspan Appreciation Paddles
Engraved Whale Vase (Wade Baker)
Sasquatch 2016
Reel Steel Logo Design & Vinyl Print
Wolves Cedar Table
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MSc, BEnvD

Sierra combines her arts and design background to create her body of work. With her degrees in Environmental Design and Sustainable Urbanism. She has been apprenticing with her father, Wade Baker, in storytelling, carving and public art. Her body of work deals with indigenous identity whilst utilizing indigenous design methodologies to develop indigeneity in design fields such as architecture, fine art, high fashion, and urban planning. Sierra has been working with museums in London, England to develop appropriate museum spaces and exhibitions to showcase Pacific North West Coast culture. She recently opened the World Gallery exhibition at the Horniman Museum to showcase her newest collaborative interactive storytelling installation.




World Gallery Installation
Indigenous Design Methods Concept
Clay Wall - Vancouver Biennale
Storytelling House Design
Tree History
Predator and Prey
The Commons Park Design
Resting Place
Spirit Trail Bonze Plaques & Bench
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 Below is a diagram of  Old Fields predator/prey relationships and their reliance on their “novel ecosystem.” Grass heights dictate survival at Terra Nova Rural Park in Richmond, BC. Painstakingly outlined in the the Terra Nova Habitat Enhancement Strategy there is a strong emphasis on promoting landscape maintenance strategies that optimize predator/prey relations.If grass is higher than 50cm predators cannot see their prey, if grass is near 30cm it is optimum for predation and foraging.10cm grass heights deter animal habitation due to little protective cover. The diagram below shows how this effects predation and specifically how the Great Horned Owl and the humble Vagrant Shrew moves through the site at these varying conditions and scales.

Moon Guardian Mask