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Sky Spirit Studio + Consulting offers transformative workshops based in Coast Salish teachings, storytelling and protocols. Xwexwiy’úsem means “tell a story;tell a legend.”We teach through a thoughtful and meaningful “Two-Eyed Seeing” approach which combines Western and Indigenous Ways of Knowing to build greater understanding between communities.We root our workshops in Coast Salish material culture by ensuring tactile elements ground the teachings in the land. Our workshops are great entry points into understanding decolonization discourse and consultation practices.

Some of our workshops are mandatory before beginning a working relationship with new clients, please contact us for more information.


Decolonizing Design

Decolonizing Design Workshop Series

Decolonizing Design is a series of three presentation style workshops covering original concepts by Sierra Tasi Baker developed in her Masters degree covering the history of colonial thought and its influence on architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, design, and community engagement titled in order:




Decolonizing Design Workshop 2020.jpg


Stones Workshop

Understanding Oral History and Indigenous Memory Keeping techniques through a land-based and experiential approach.

+ 1.5hr Presentation on Oral History

+ Storytelling Stones activity
+ Pause + reflection exercise



Feathers Workshop

Rooting community engagement in ancestral governance through Indigenous protocol.

+ 1.5hr Presentation on Indigenous Governance & Law

+ Talking Circle
+ Pause + reflection exercise

Speaking Feathers in basket.JPG

Line in the Sand Workshop

Experience MST traditional law and protocols through a study of the first meetings between Captain George Vancouver and Chief

Ki-ap-ah-la-no (1792)

+ 1hr Presentation on MST history + “The time of the To & Fro” 1700’s-1800’s.
+ Line in the Sand Protocol exercise
+ Pause + reflection exercise


Berry Gatherer Workshop

Raising awareness about Murdered and Missing Indigenous Womxn and girls and ways to process intergenerational trauma

through movement and storytelling.

+ 1hr Presentation on MMIW + Intergenerational Trauma
+ 5 minute Dance Performance (Legend of Bear & Grizzly)
+ Berry Gathering activity with felted berries (collecting)
+ 1hr movement workshop - processing trauma through dance + Pause + reflection exercise

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