“The key thing is to understand that there are primary sources that were hidden/destroyed due to perceptions in historical periods. To have those lost stories uncovered is exhilarating and it is important to understand how history is made and remade. This book is important from a social studies perspective, and also from a BC perspective.”

- D. Parker, Social Studies Teacher, Nanaimo


Thank you for bringing this information to light. We were certainly cut off from this real history. Most people were controlled in those days not to ask the questions and look beyond." - M. Murray, Victoria, BC

“What Wade and Mary are writing is amazing. It is helping people connect.” - Debra Sparrow, Coast Salish  (Musqueam)  Elder, Vancouver. BC

“The authors have been very persistent in finding the real stories of those times. It is particularly important information they have discovered about the gracious and respectful manners of our royal women as described by Captain Vancouver. The true spirit of Aloha.” 

- Ma Kua Sam Ka’hai Kaai., Keeper of the Cultural Stories, Maui

“I like the idea in this book that we must make space for other interpretations of these times. We have to transform history into light.” - Dr. Jack Lohman, Chief Executive Officer, Royal British Columbia Museum.


The book is a refreshing delight to the senses, articulate and colourful. Primary records, oral stories, literary imagination and personal interviews come together seamlessly. The story is a reconsideration of history that provides a welcome alternative to official histories we have all grown up with in British Columbia” - Joe Dejarlais, Principal, Northwest Trail consulting, North Vancouver

MLA Jane Thornthwaite introduces the book, The Hidden Journals,

to the Victoria Legislature:

Shelagh Rogers interviews Wade Baker & Mary Tasi on "The Hidden Journals" for -

The Next Chapter, Radio Show:

Educational Workshops


Along with the book, Wade and Mary conduct workshops and do presentations about this chapter in history, the process of writing a social history or about exploring the connections of ancestry and history.  If you are interested in holding a workshop, please contact us.



It was such a pleasure to have Wade and Mary come to talk to our group of newcomers. Their friendliness, extensive knowledge, as well as the plethora of artefacts they brought with them really enabled our participants to not only learn about Aboriginal culture and history, but to connect similarities between aboriginal cultures as well as their own. Their time with us was engaging, informative and enjoyable for all involved. Thanks Mary and Wade!”  – Statement made by Adrienne Bale, Program Facilitator, Connections, YMCA of Greater Vancouver after the Aboriginal Art and Culture Event YMCA Connections on June 7th 2015 .


Coast Salish Legends

Both Wade Baker and his daughter Sierra Tasi Baker are oral historians. Wade Baker has been apprenticing and mentoring his daughter since she was young. You can hear some of the legends Sierra has been gifted in the audio files below. Wade & Sierra are available for workshops & educational programs, contact us for inquiries for cultural workshops and storytelling.


These spoken Coast Salish legends, by Sky Spirit Studio's Sierra Tasi Baker, are available to the public at the Horniman Museum in London, England until 2036. Learn from Dzunakwa, Bear, and Raven at the Horniman Museum in their interactive Coast Salish exhibit. 



Exhibition Launch: June 2018


The Legend of Grizzly & Bear - Sierra Tasi Baker
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The Legend of Dzunakwa - Sierra Tasi Baker
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Raven Steals the Sun - Sierra Tasi Baker
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